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2018 Business Tips from Priceless CEO’s

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” – Oprah Winfrey

It is a new year and time for your business to rise to a new level of excellence. Time to not only set personal New Year resolutions but also resolutions for your business. New Year resolutions that will help you to fulfill your vision 2018. So in today’s blog, we have gathered a few of our favorite Priceless CEOs to share business tips that you can use to support and empower your 2018 vision.

2018 Business Tips from Priceless CEO's - Priceless Planning

Start sharing your story when talking about your business. Why did you start your business? Why did you create it? When you can share a personal story about the purpose of creating your business you automatically make a real connection with your audience. Your story is what will set you apart from the crowd, don’t ever minimize the power of that.

Alexa Carlin, Public Speaker, Founder & CEO of Women Empower Expo, and Creator of
IG: @alexarosecarlin
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Find what you love, what people need and what you know you could do forever. If there is no building and there are no stepping stones to the journey you think you want to embark on, reconsider. The beauty that is growth and expansion is what will keep you in love with your business, passionate about serving your audience and always hungry for more opportunity.

Alexandra Morinello, Sr. Strategist of
IG: @champagneandtequila
FB: @champagneandtequila

Don’t feel like you have to be on every social platform. Choose 1 or 2, where your target audience is most active, then create a powerful and consistent video presence and strategy on those two platforms. Videos are where it’s at especially live broadcasts.

Ashani Mfuko, Social Media Strategist for the Dance Industry of
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Work on increasing your brand awareness and expanding your reach every single day. Ask yourself, “How do I find new people in my target demographic to connect with, where are they located online and physically and what can I be doing to connect and engage with them?” Increasing brand awareness translates into increased growth for your business which in turn means increased revenues and profits. It should be a key part of your business strategy.

Bola Sokunbi, Founder & CEO of
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It’s ok to fail. Failure is where you’re best ideas come from!

Christine Arhu, Brand Designer of
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Have you ever been to a website where the content seems to be written exactly for you? What if I told you that you don’t connect to the material so much because the person is a great copywriter, but because the person wrote it with one person in mind… and that person happens to be you. You can accomplish the same results in your business by creating an ideal customer profile. Give the person a name, a picture, interests. Every time you create a piece of content, write it to this one person only.

Cindy Rodriguez, Founder & Podcast Host of Start Fierce Business Solutions
IG: @startfiercebusiness
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Brand wishy-washiness – the dangers of not sticking to your brand’s established style or clearly distinguishing two different brands (companies) you own; making you appear unprofessional, untrustworthy and wishy-washy – blocking your #brandblessings

Djenee Dunn, Owner & Brand Stylist of
IG: @d.tamucreative
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Leveraging the power of video in your business not only helps to position you as the leading expert in your industry and boost your credibility, but allows you to make a deep emotional connection with your dream audience and ideal client, unlike any other marketing tool available. With the right video marketing strategy, you’ll be fast on your way to elevating your personal brand, influence, impact & revenue.

Elle Jones, Personal Brand Consultant, Creative Director & Video Producer of
IG: @ELLEvate NOW Media
FB: @ELLEvate NOW Media

Prioritize YOU! Many entrepreneurs pour their all into their business but it is important to remember self-care. Your business won’t be sustainable if you burn out so remember to take care of you in 2018!

Jasmine Chanelle, Principal Brand Strategist of
IG: @_jasminechanelle
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Business is VERY risky but you must discipline yourself to work out of commitment and not emotion to overcome the risk factors that are inevitable. Practice makes progress.

Jennifer Cook, CEO & Founder of
IG: @fashionthemind
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In business, don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing. You never know who you might reach by doing something totally different.

Kenye Pierce, Creative Director & Lead Designer of
IG: @redvelvetink

When self-funding your business it is crucial to have a firm handle on your personal finances. Make sure you know exactly how much and where your money needs
to go both towards running your business & your life so that you can plan, track and rebalance, as needed.

Melisa Boutin Caribbean Millennial Personal Finance of
IG: @melisaboutin
FB: @boutinmelisa

Get really deep on who your ideal audience member is. It’s not enough to want to reach everyone or every millennial, you need to know everything about the type of person you want to reach and then create based on that profile.

Shay Davis, Digital Marketing Strategist and Creator of
IG: @thebronzehustle
FB: @thebronzehustle

Put yourself out there in scary ways ALL THE TIME. Everyday if possible. Whatever you’re most scared to do because you don’t feel ready or you’re worried of what others might think- do that. It will not only liberate you from fear once you do it a few times but it will speed up your success like crazy. You’ll also be raising the bar of what’s expected of you time and time again. You’ll get into the habit of demanding more of yourself each time. It’s magic.

Sol Ballard, Mindset Coach of
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Even if you are a small business, you should still practice skill sets of big businesses. So organize your internal operations, create client management protocols, develop your SOP, customer experiences and more. As the reality is your business will grow and you don’t want to become overwhelmed in the chaos of business growth. It will reduce the likelihood of conflict within your business.

Sidjae Price, CEO and Business Plan Consultant of
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Dr. Sidjae

Sidjae Price is the Founder, and CEO of Priceless Planning, blogger, public speaker, and Ph.D. candidate. A teacher by nature, Sidjae's purpose is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs fight the overwhelm feeling with techniques and strategies in business planning, time management, and productivity.