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CEOs w/ Priceless Plan Interview ft: Neosha Gardner

Neosha Gardner is an entrepreneur, mother and the founder of CreateHER Stock, a photo stock platform that caters to bloggers, creatives, and influencers of color. For the past two years, CreateHER Stock has been providing lifestyle-esque imagery that can be used for promotion, social media, blogs, and websites.

In starting my business, I didn’t have influence,  I had a network that I wanted to cater to!

What is your career or educational background that led you into this business?
I’ve attended 3 colleges. First was the Art Institute of Atlanta where I studied web design and development. I then have to move back home so I later attended Virginia College where I studied Cosmetology. Lastly, Full Sail University – where I completed Media Communications.

My educational background surely didn’t lead me into my business but the skills I attained definitely helped. It was actually my most active and early years as a beauty and natural hair blogger that led to the idea of my business.

Who influenced you to start your business and how did they influence you?
I wouldn’t say I had any influence but I did have a network that I wanted to cater to. Outside of my own desire, those people and their need led me to create the CreateHER platform.


How do you practice work, life, balance?
Balance? What’s that? lol but seriously – it’s all about being able to go with the flow for me. Most days I can’t balance anything. It’s almost impossible. Other days, being able to make the most of any time I have allows me to both focus on my responsibilities as a mother and businesswoman in a very present way. If I’m tired, I rest. I never want to be half empty.

If I’m tired, I rest. I never want to be half empty.

What are some of the changes that you have seen through individuals using your products/services?
The excitement of having more options within this space is a big one on a daily basis.

How does your business offer that signature touch in comparison to your competitors?
I like to think of my business as the misfit. It doesn’t quite fit the “mold” of what your everyday stock photo platform should be but it clearly shows that it’s unique in its own way. A way that a lot of our consumers appreciate.

What has been your biggest highlight of being in business so far?
So many. I’ll just have to say the biggest would be the opportunities I’ve been blessed to receive. Not just for the platform but even just for me. From being able to create imagery for popular brands to be able to support other dope businesses in more ways than one.

What would 1 bit of advice that you would give to someone thinking about starting a business be?
Like most would say, you’ll never truly be “ready” and waiting around to be ready will only feed someone else to start what you have not. You just have to go for it. Everything else will work out as it should – whether it’s a success or not. You’ll always be led to what’s meant for you.

You’ll always be led to what’s meant for you.

In 5 years from now, where do you see your business?
I see my business in a place where it’s able to create a tangible space allowing everyday creative folks to do what keeps their souls full. I’d love to be able to provide a hub of sorts for physical collaborations, connections, and a good time.

CEOs Priceless Plan Neosha Gardner

What is 1 fun tidbit about yourself that you would like to share?
I’m having a baby girl in September. Not many people in my online network know that since I kept it more so to myself to simply enjoy my second journey to motherhood. My son is excited, however!

Can you give us some deets’ on some of your upcoming business plans?

I’ve been able to reach out to more established spaces and individuals regarding collaborations. I can’t dish the juicy stuff though – people will just have to wait and anticipate.

Are there any other business gems that you would like to share about your business experiences, plans, or lessons?

Keep creating. The more of that energy you put out there, the more you promote an internal fruition within yourself. Any bumps in the road are just tests you CAN overcome and grow from.

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