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Priceless CEO Interview with Sebastian Sanders

Meet Sebastian Sanders. He is the CEO & Founder of The Sanders Hand Foundation a nonprofit organization focused on education and community while working towards empowerment, diversity, change, and innovation. Sebastian is a community leader who has earned the title of The Youth Principal as he strives to be the change in his community through inspiring and motivating the next generation of leaders for success one student at a time!

Priceless CEO Interview with Sebastian Sanders - Priceless Planning

Originally from Houston Texas, Sebastian relocated to San Antonio to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio. It was there he found his purpose and passion for being a leader and founded The Sanders Hand Foundation in 2017. His mission was simple, seek out the need in the community, step up, and take the initiative to change the education system for impoverished students in schools across the nation.

Sebastian is very family oriented, outgoing, and ambitious. With the desire for seeing others live out their dreams, he is always looking to share his story and passion, while connecting with other like-minded individuals. A popular quote that he shares with all of his students is “Define Success for yourself, obtain that success, and secure that success”.

How did you get started in your business?

Stemming from a single charity event I realized there was a need in the community. After this, I realized how much of an influence I could be for the community needs. Now because the need for the community was mostly youth-based, I decided to take action, become a community leader who would provide our kids with a sense of hope.

What are the plans that you had for your business when you first started?

Building an organization that will be worldwide serving all youth, with our community centers! Wanting to change the educational system for all minorities.

Have those plans changed since you started? If so, how and why?

No, the only thing has changed has been the direction and mission to evolve. We are still aiming to become a better-recognized organization, and are remaining consistent to create a valued impact. We are still dedicated education and community, just a slight change in the direction. But it’s all a part of being a social entrepreneur.

What are the daily/weekly/monthly tasks that guaranteed the execution of your plan?

Weekly sessions with our students, weekly meetings with our leaders, monthly events on behalf of the organization. Additionally, we do fundraising and daily marketing to our audience. The goal is to have tasks constantly in motion that parallel to our mission.

How many months or years were you committed to your business before you felt like all your hard work paid off?

12 months of consistency. This consistency has created a scholarship opportunity for our youth and has allowed us to be interviewed by different media outlets.

Priceless CEO Interview with Sebastian Sanders - Priceless Planning

How do you stay motivated on the bad days of business?

I have to remember that all successful things don’t happen overnight. It will take some time to build and stay consistent. Trust in GOD. The kids also motivate me to keep going because you are changing someone’s life for the better.

How can new business owner standout in a competitive marketplace?

Be yourself, stay true to your mission and goal. The real will always outlast the fake. Find your lane and thrive in it.

What has been your biggest highlight of being in business so far?

Visiting different schools and meeting new students. It feels so good being able to do all this at a young age motivates me and makes me want to strive harder.

What would 1 bit of advice that you would give to someone thinking about starting a business be?

Create something with substance, with a meaning, that will outlast your life and change someone else’s life. Find something you love doing and make it work for you.

Are there any other business gems that you would like to share about your business experiences, plans, or lessons?

Network and collaborate with others in your lane, you’re never too smart to learn something new.

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