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Our Plan. Your Business

Our philosophy is simple, consulting and trainings should consist of theoretical frameworks and evidence-based research. 



Dr. Sidjae Price is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Multi-hyphenated Entrepreneur. She is the Sr. Consultant of Priceless Planning, LLC, an agency providing strategically planned consulting and trainings designed from evidence-based research; the Sr. Publisher of Priceless Publishing, a hybrid publishing company for established brands and educators; the Founder of Speak Loud Incorporated, youth-based nonprofit organization for at-risk youth; and the Creator of Rise and Shine Caribbean Biz Workshops, innovative trainings for Caribbean entrepreneurs to launch their business.

Individuals and organizations have been awed by her ability to deliver academic and professional knowledge with a millennial spin. Dr. Price is a qualitative researcher who has conducted research on organizational conflict within multi-generational workplaces and has also conducted research on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She has even co-authored a textbook and has served as a reviewer for an academic journal.

Dr. Price has been a guest lecturer, speaker, and trainer at universities and schools in the U.S. and the Caribbean and several business organizations, events, and podcasts. Her past clientele includes business owners in the U.S., Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean, U.S. Congress Members, Social Media Influencers, SAGFTA Actors, HBCU professors, attorneys, and more! Lastly, her work has garnered attention from platforms such as Fox, NBC, The Huffington Post, Television Jamaica Daytime Live, and 103.5 The Beat, Miami’s home for The Breakfast Club.

Learn more about Dr. Sidjae Price at www.sidjaeprice.com.