As a co-author of Priceless CEO Lessons, be prepared to share an unmasked business lesson with the world. Exposing this behind the scenes segment of your business requires you to be transparent and authentic in sharing your story with the world. Be prepared to share how you have managed your business when at a personal low, or while dealing with a chronic illness. Be prepared to share how you managed family issues while running your business. Be prepared to share how you have dealt with a failed business concept, operational issues, or someone stealing your business idea. Let your story be the reason why someone does not close their business, through realizing that no CEO has a perfect path in business, and that is what makes us Priceless CEO.

Got Questions? Well there are answers!

What does it take to be a part of this co-authored book series?

What if I don’t know how to write?

What if it’s my first time writing?

Do you only want men or women?

Will the cover of the book have my name on it?

Who is responsible for marketing and gets the sales from the book ?

Is there a fee associated to being apart of this co-authored book series?


Dr. Sidjae Price, is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur. She helps modern entrepreneurs go from chaos to clarity by creating easy to follow actionable steps to clean up the “behind the scenes” messes of business and life, resulting in a thriving business and giving them back family and personal time. Dr. Price is not a traditional speaker as she not only empowers her audience, but she leaves them with actionable steps ready for implementation, through what she calls her.Priceless Plan. She is the CEO of Priceless Planning, a boutique business consulting agency, Founder of Speak Loud Inc., a youth based nonprofit organization and the Co-founder of The LauncHER Society, a collaborative dedicated to motivate and teach women about solid business foundations. Dr. Sidjae Price has been featured on platforms such as Huffington Post, University of Miami, Women Empower Expo and 103.5 The Beat Miami's home for The Breakfast Club. Additionally she has collaborated with brands such as Rollingout Magazine, and negotiated deals with members of MTV network. Freshly adding to her list of accolades is creator, and publisher of the book series, Faith Forward. Dr. Price is a millennial empowering action, and inspiring change.


Working with Sidjae has been a pleasurable experience. She is professional, kind, patience, beautiful inside and out. Anyone looking to work to work with her would be fortunate as she is passionate about helping others.

Saba Tekle

Award Winning Best-Selling Author & Publisher